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The Queen of Wishful Thinking

be careful what you wish for

Dulcet Darling
19 December
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A lady of 40-some years, I own a sick amount of books and graphic novels. I struggle against the oppression of office-wear, dye/shave/ignore my hair regularly, and spend most of my days keeping my daughter entertained/alive/fed. I cannot swim, read Iain Banks, or tell time on analog clocks. I like plants and haiku and graffiti and all things Japanese. I knit and sew like a boss, and have filled my home with crafting goods in anticipation of a far-off future where I am a retired lady of leisure, trying to fill my empty nest with feathery quilts and wooly vests. My Mum is British and delightful, and my Dad was a good-humoured Scot. My partner is a tall, dark and furry French-Canadian. I love buying real estate. Now that I'm officially Over the Hill, it's time to translate my voyages and adventures and various misconduct into exciting, transporting writing.
adrian edmondson, aerosol art, amon tobin, animal slippers, arvo part, ashtanga yoga, autumn, baking pies, bartok, batgirl, battlestar galactica, beaker, ben stiller, benjamin moore, beta band, blackalicious, blue jeans, bollywood, bombay sapphire, botany, boys who wear glasses, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, carmen mcrae, cats, champagne, chaucer, cheerleader movies, chewbacca, chocolate icing, cibo matto, clean laundry smell, clone high, comic books, comics, couscous, cowboy bebop, cycling, dawn french, digital photography, dj shadow, doctor who, drawing, duck, easy mac, edward gorey, eyewitness books, firefly, fireplaces, flower shops, fossils, frank miller, fresh squeezed orange juice, ganesha, geese juggling, gingerbread houses, glenn gould, graphic novels, greenhouses, grey, hagia sofia, herman melville, highlander, his dark materials, holst, horsies, hot baths, india ink, jim jarmusch films, john bellairs, john milton, joss whedon, kieslowski, kissing, knitting, kurosawa, lenny henry, lex luthor, mangoes, marbles, maria callas, massive attack, michael chabon, michael ondaatje, morcheeba, motorcycles, mr. scruff, mst3k, mysteries, neil gaiman, northern exposure, norway, opals, owen wilson, oysters, paint chips, pancakes, paper, paper airplanes, paris, peaches, peter gabriel, pez dispensers, philip pullman, photobooths, pinatas, pirates, power tools, puzzles, pyrotechnics, quilts, real genius, redecorating, rilke, rum, sagittarians, saltwater, sasha baron cohen, scones, scrubs, sean connery, seashells, sei shonagon, shakespeare & co., shoulder blades, silver snail, snapple peach iced tea, snowstorms, space ghost, spaghetti westerns, strindberg and helium, strongbad email, sunday brunch, target shooting, tarot cards, tea, tempura, tenacious d, thai food, the annex, thomas pynchon, toronto, toy dinosaurs, twin peaks, umberto eco, wainscotting, wildboyz, will ferrell, wolfgang amadeus mozart, zero 7